Nurkara | Nurkara Saffron: saffron pistils online
Try the superior quality of Nurkara saffron in pistils: organic cultivation and an innovative technique that keeps intact color, aroma and flavor.
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Excellent Quality

Because with lyophilization, saffron keeps its sublime properties intact.

What do we do

A traditional product …
Saffron finds in the territory of Nurkara in Sardinia a natural habitat without equal and here we grow it imitating and respecting the biodiversity of the territory.


What we offer you

A new production path.

The Nurkara saffron arrives in your kitchens with intact its visual and olfactory properties thanks to a new eco-sustainable technique of freeze drying at low temperatures

Nurkara: sardinian lio-food

Multifunctional, Sustainable and Guardian of Sardinian biodiversity

About Us

Farmers, researchers, entrepreneurs. The living proof that when tradition combines with research and embraces innovation, high quality products are obtained.

Tradition and innovation

An ancient product like saffron meets new production paths in a sustainable business activity that brings together the entire saffron chain.

From Nurkara to your table

From the fields of Sardinia to hand harvesting. From lyophilization at low temperatures to glass packaging. Nurkara saffron boasts the original properties of the fresh product.


Zafferano Nurkara

Please do not call it Spice!
Crocus sativus

Saffron is an iridacea plant with a purple purple flower. A corolla that houses 3 delicate stigmas of bright red inside. A concentrate of fragrance and flavor.

Organic and Sustainable

Born from organic cultivation, it is the only one in Italy to be freeze-dried and packaged with an innovative preservation process that maintains intact stems and properties.

Taste and wellness


The Nurkara saffron arrives in your kitchens with its intact and stable stigmas in its nutritive and organoleptic properties: bright color, accented perfume, sublime taste.

Superior excellence


A quality standard that embraces the entire production chain of saffron. Made in Italy excellence for all those who know good food what it means.


Awards and Partners

Do you want to try our saffron?

Request information and try the Nurkara quality.

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Request more information, we are proud of our product and we want to share it with you. In each sample of lyophilized Nurkara saffron you will find 10 stigmas and a concentrate of aromas, aroma and flavor.

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